‘She Is’ is the perfect course for women of any age to explore their own self value and worth.  Working within the community, we have seen women take their first steps to a more confident life. After our course women have been inspired to make better choices, attend counselling and even apply for jobs.

We work closely with local community centres and GP surgeries to offer places for women on our courses. Six women attend each course and it runs for 9 weeks. 

Course Topics

  • Recognise we each have a unique identity and learn how pressures and various influences can affect our identity
  • Discuss the four main emotions and learn tools to cope with overwhelm
  • Learn about the masks we hide behind, recognise unhealthy labels and how to create healthy boundaries
  • Set personal goals and capture your identity and goals

Course Aims

  • Build confidence, self esteem and resilience
  • Be able to make better choices and learn to be responsible
  • Manage friendships better and emotional wellbeing
  • Be positive about the future 


Working with local GP surgeries we can offer our new ‘Who am I?’ course to help young people build confidence, self esteem and resilience. This course can be run on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Course Topics

  • Look at your identity, skills and talents
  • Understand influences that can affect who you are
  • Learn tools to help you when you feel overwhelmed
  • Look at how your diet and exercise can impact your mental wellbeing
  • Recognise how communication can be key to your relationships
  • Be Reminded of your positive qualities

Course Aims

  • Build confidence,  self esteem and resilience
  • Use tools that can help you when you feel overwhelmed
  • Set goals for a healthy lifestyle
  • Celebrate inner qualities