Be Me Update from Louise

2020, what a year it’s been for all of us so far! Life has changed so much for everyone, young and old, rich and poor, the coronavirus has affected us all.

The Be Me team were all so sad to have to stop work in the middle of our school and community courses. As the world came to a standstill, and everything closed, our hearts went out to all of you and our thoughts turned to how we could still provide our support. With our young people now learning to do all their work online, and our vulnerable and NHS worker children still in school (albeit, a very alien version), how could our charity still provide the best service possible? Things had to change, we had to adapt.

The Be Me team and our friends worked hard during lockdown to fundraise and produce our new ‘Who am I’ booklets, which gave us a new way to still support young people at this difficult time.

We sent the booklets to all the schools we’ve been working with, and also to the community and, with the aid of these booklets, we were able to run some Be Me courses online. Definitely a new experience for us, but the girls responded well. It’s been such a difficult time for them during lockdown, so we’re delighted that we could still be there for them and offer the support they need.

As the schools slowly return this September we are ready and prepared to start our in-person sessions again, with Covid adjustments made. There’ll be less girls per course and we’ll be using the Who am I booklets to accompany our new course, also called ‘Who am I’, which will be more discussion focused, so we can make sure that everyone socially distances, rather than our ‘She Is’ course, which was more activity based.

Despite the challenges Covid presents, we’re really looking forward to being able to continue offering Be Me support to our young people.

Louise x