Be Me in Nepal

When we started Be Me Project in September last year, we had a strong sentiment growing in our hearts that many girls and woman needed help with their struggle with low self-esteem. Sadly, it has become more and more apparent that girls everywhere suffer with severe self-criticism, loathing and a sense of being worthless.  How wrong this is.

Be Me project provides a curriculum for women of all ages to learn three core elements about themselves: That they have identity and purpose – and that is the truth. We believe that these core values are instrumental in creating a healthy sense of self-respect and love.

The Be Me team are volunteers and are not counsellors, but we have a heart to help women of all ages and have seen this realised over the last year – we have so far run the course for 40 girls in the past year.

Nepal1A couple of months ago we were invited to Nepal by a ministry called Maya. Our contact, a close friend called Shonnie, works with girls who she has rescued from prostitution. In Nepal, the caste system ensures that a large number of women are deemed ‘worthless’ and therefore turn to an industry such as prostitution to provide the most basic of necessities.  This can even happen with disabled people. It was such a privilege to take Be Me Project there to demonstrate to the most underprivileged ladies that they have real worth and value.

We were so blessed to be able to share Jesus’ love to these people, which is truly a ‘love with no judgement’!Nepal2

This is what we stand for. We seek to show all women that we meet that they are loved unconditionally, not only by us, but by God.  And that is the best news we can share.

Within our visit to Nepal we were taken with the Maya Ministry team to a dance bar, where we were able to befriend some girls and asked them whether they would like to attend Be Me project.  Nepal4One lady from the dance bar came to our course and joined in with five other ladies.  It was such an honour for us to massage their hands and spend time loving ladies who have unfortunately chosen (perhaps of no choice of their own) to work in prostitution.


Nepal5We are hosting an event tomorrow night to share more of our experiences in Nepal and to thank you for your continued support and prayer. The Upper Room (entrance next to Cotes) St Martin’s Walk, Dorking. Tuesday 19th July at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing you!



Be Me project have also had an opportunity to buy merchandise that we will be selling here in the UK, to support the work in Nepal.


The  Be Me team xx