Be Me Team Introductions… Meet Jenny!

Time to meet another member of our team, this time it’s our office extraordinaire, Jenny…

What do you do for Be Me project?
Hi I’m Jenny! I work in the Be Me office. I do the accounts and order the resources so the course leaders have everything they need to deliver the project. I have recently started helping run a “social prescription” course at a local GP surgery.

Tell us about two highs in your life so far…
Being born again at age 37! All the best things in my life have happened since I found Jesus. Getting my head shaved to raise £2500 for Be Me two years ago.

What about two lows?
Suffering the rollercoaster of depression and anxiety for the last 12 years.
Losing my dear old Dad 11 years ago.

Tell us a lesson you have learned in life…
You can teach an old bird new tricks but you have to hold her hand for a little while as she learns!!!

Jenny’s lovely family.

Thanks Jenny! Meet another one of our amazing team in next week’s blog.