Be Me Team Introductions… meet Caroline!

Happy New Year from everyone at Be Me! The blog is back and it’s time to meet lovely Caroline…

What do you do for Be Me project?
Hi I’m Caroline the Be Me Instagrammer & I also help run some courses in schools. I love taking photos and being creative, although I realise my captions need some work !

Tell us about two highs in your life so far…
Well it would have to be the birth of my two daughters (now teenagers) and I am going cheat a bit here by saying the many amazing summer holidays we have spent in Salcombe, Devon. I’ve been going there nearly every summer since I was 13 and I still get that kick of excitement as we arrive, I just love the place!

What about two lows?
My toughest times have been when I’ve felt I can’t control things, like the 4 miscarriages I had before I had my girls; the frustration and upset was so overwhelming. Also when my lovely Mum was dying from cancer it was truly heart breaking. I found that although these times were truly awful, God did give me peace to get through them.

Tell us a lesson you have learned in life…
Lean on close friends who you trust in tough times. Whilst they cant always solve your problems, just a 10 minute chat or even a text/WhatsApp can lift your mood and help keep you going. Also that chocolate (Dairy milk in particular) is the answer to most of life’s problems & stresses!

Thanks Caroline. Look out for another chance to meet a member of Be Me very soon x