Be Me Team Introductions… Meet Blu!

In today’s blog post we’re meeting another valued member of our Be Me Team… Blu!

What do you do for Be Me project?
I volunteered for a year in a school in Kent, assisted on a course in a youth club and am now currently running my first course at a doctors surgery as part of a social prescribing project also in Kent!

Tell us about two highs in your life so far…
Coming to know God and having my two children has been, and continues to be the biggest highs in my life. That is not to say there are never struggles, but that life is so much richer with them in it.

What about two lows?
My whole life was a low for years until I came to know God and he walked me through all the healing I needed. My other low would be that I never believed in myself and never saw my value. I see it very clearly now! And boy does it make a difference to my life and every decision I make!

Tell us a lesson you have learned in life…
A lesson I have learned in life is how freeing it is to forgive. All the while you’re holding on to unforgiveness, it is your arm that is aching, not the person’s you refuse to forgive. You may feel some people do not deserve your forgiveness, but you, my dear friend deserve the freedom it brings, so make the choice, for YOU.

Such wise advice, thanks Blu. Look out for another chance to meet a member of Be Me very soon x