Be Me Team Introductions… Meet Amanda!

Today we\’ve got another chance to meet a member of our amazing Be Me team! Read on to find out a little bit about Amanda…

What do you do for Be Me project?
I help to lead the courses run by Be Me, and I also see some people for one on one sessions who might need some extra support.

Tell us about two highs in your life so far…
1. Travelling around the world – I love to see new places and meet different people. A couple of highs were sleeping out at night on the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert, and seeing all of the amazing animals when I stayed on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.
2. Having my 3 lovely children.

What about two lows?
1. Early days of having my 3 lovely children! I love them to bits but become really grumpy when I am tired and have been up all night feeding a baby.
2. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in my 20s. Thankfully it hasn\’t been as bad as I thought it would be but it has been a challenge to learn to live with it.

Tell us a lesson you have learned in life…
I have learnt quite a few lessons in life, and often the hard way! If I chose one it would be to make sure you have good people around you. The highs and lows you will face in life are a lot easier when you have people around you that you trust, can be honest with, and they love you for who you are.

Thanks Amanda! Look out for another chance to meet a member of Be Me very soon x