• Revealing beautiful people

    Be Me project delivers self-esteem courses to girls and women. Through the courses, its aim is to enable participants to celebrate their true identity by exploring and enlarging their vision, equipping them to thrive in life.


    Lu & Rachel started running a self-esteem programme at a C of E school in Dorking in 2015, having met as Chaplains the previous year.

    They felt convicted that the Bible passage in John 4 “the woman at the well” encapsulated the fact that every woman and girl has their own unique Identity, Truth & Purpose, and that this is to be celebrated and enjoyed by them all.  They have since written the Be Me project to focus on these three core values.

    Sadly in an average secondary school class of 30 fifteen year old pupils, 3 may have a mental disorder, 10 are likely to have witnessed their parents separate, one will have experienced the death of a parent, 7 are likely to have been bullied and 6 may be self-harming.

    The course equips attendees to be who they are, and to break free from the ever increasing sense that they are not good enough or need to be someone different.

    Be Me project works with the mandate to love without judgement and be imitators of Christ.



Please consider donating to help fund Be Me project’s work. Online donations will be accepted soon… in the meantime please email us  to find out more.